Zillion Dreams is hustlers’s anthem.

It is a motivational song that charges all go-getters to keep up with their hustle with assurance of making it soon. It makes us know that no one wants penury or wants to associate with one living in abject poverty.

The song (Zillion Dreams) commands money to come and live in our abode, it is a door opener. If our hustles are blessed on daily basis we will celebrate everyday of our lives like Christmas. We pray to forget sorrow and never see it.

The song charges us to make money like the wealthy people. A lot of people look down on hustlers but right in their faces they make it. Most especially the young ones. They tell stories about how they gave birth to them couple of years ago. Please leave story and go hustle!!!

Zillion Dreams spur everyone to continue and put effort in their hustle, also made known to us that whoever hustle reaps the joy of it.

Hustler is the King of the Street, money commands everything, when one gets to the Zillion level all their ways become money and even the food they eat.

Double your hustle so you can be in this caliber. Zillion Family!!!

Prince Choi


Ori mi majen Moshe ,
Edami majen moshi o,
Orimi majen Moshe late,
Edami majen jiya kipa,

Oluwa bless my hustle today
So me can dance in favour 2morro
Every day we just dey pray
We dey pray make we no go see sorrow*2

Zillion dreams
Mana chasing the zillion dreems ey
Hustling things 
From Lagos to overseas ha ey

Zillion dreams
Mana chasing the zillion dreems hen hen 
Hustling things 
From Lagos to Los Angeles

I’m the boy,
From the west,
And I’m making money,
On the air,

Some say manna small boy,
Mana small boy with a biggi mind,
Small boy with ar biggi car,
Dat small boi wey fit to buy him mama car,
I gat plenty money you fit to bugar mi jor,

Their is something good for the nothing,
A big sence dey for the nonsense,
DAT one go for the wise men,
I’m the king of the street and they knw DAT,

But you dey there sit down with your aunty,
And you staring at me when me banging, you know!
Every day we are counting money,
Maga don pay hey,

Making money not like dele,
Bit adeleke,
Making money like otedola,
A won eyon dangote,

Owo ape kanuko,
jare wami wale,
Ori ori mi jowo o,
Wafi lemi sebugbe,

Sey we gonna get money lopo,
Shashe gbowo omo to hustle,
Sey we gonna get money for real,
Omo to shishe lon gbowo Jor,

I say double your hustle my brother,
Tepa mose,
Zillion dreams we chasing,
Kama ley teshe mapa jor,

Ori mi majen Moshe ,
Edami majen moshi o,
Orimi majen Moshe late,
Edami majen jiya kipa, *2
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