Kowope means let the money be completed
People run their gub and say stuffs whenever one is hustling, most especially while one is in the process of making it and making ends meet, suffering and smiling no one knows.


Prince implore people not to vex, he implores everyone to hustle every night and day so money can circulate and be completed.

This song is a danceable song, most especially the one you sing while enjoying yourself. People say he went on vacation but he’s telling the World that it is hustle and we are all in this together. No money no fine boy or girl, no man or woman.


He used some slangs like shuperu. He said everyone should just continue to do whatever they are doing.


Life is turn by turn. No late comer in success/achievement. If you have today don’t think others can’t have tomorrow. Tables turn, no one knows tomorrow. He said a very wealthy man’s purse can’t contain the whole family.


Don’t depend on no one.

Money answereth everything and nothing is good as money in life.

Prince Choi

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