To dance needs at least 2 people to COME CLOSER no matter the distance/space/gap in-between. To spice it all up they need to come closer, bend over, then the vibe sets in. 

This dance is the best dance hall song for the matured. This song makes everyone that  hears it feel alright. The tempo is so perfect and can make anyone get lit up and dance all night without knowing.

PAC wish to mention the names of everyone in the world in this song but mentioned just a few because of the time limit for the song.  You can put your own name in whenever and where ever the need be, it will still key in and suit you. 

PAC reminds us the world about his first album JOROMI. Telling the babes they sweet more than indomie.

He showed a lil aggression where the person he was dancing with wasn’t dancing as supposed. He asked if she can dance, tell her to when her body, he made known that if she want money he will pay her price all he just want is dance to this song.  Every in the world wanna have some fun, you wanna have some fun, he wanna have some fun, she wanna have some fun, lets all have fun all day and night long.

Pls put the song on continuous repeat and lets have this fun.

Prince Choi

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